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About the Writer

Cassandra, Nugget, Cassie, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Royal's Mama, Queen and Goddess are the names and terms I respond to. I am the author of Dear Black Man, and Blossomed Bullets. I write because wordplay as an art hits my passion spot, and because people react to my witty words.

I love me an unexpected metaphor!

Alpha woman with a submissive soul. Born four days before Christmas, you're looking at a true Sagittarius. I'm a glutton for requited love, Pandora's BJ The Chicago Kid radio station,

homemade tacos, natural light (not the beer), bomb ass eyebrows, Tyler Perry stuff,

and a good workout session (#StairmasterMePlease #LegPressMePlease).

Flint, Michigan and my mama raised me. I currently reside in the Columbus, Ohio area. My third home will be this blog. To receive a more intimate piece of me, click the play button on the video. And don't sell yourself short, subscribe to hear from me - I only talk when I have something worth saying.

Love is love!