Dear Black Man,

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    A fresh assortment of subjects for the new wave of bronzed kings. This witty and down-to-earth conversation piece was consciously created for the pleasure, confidence, and reality of the Black man and the supportive women who are hooked on him. 

    • Unbiased, relevant, and thought-provoking topics including: 
      • Black men and how they appeal to the female senses
      • The value of the Black man's companionship 
      • Sex, committment, and the win with transparency 
      • Adversities of Black men in America 
      • Influence, fatherhood, and self-care
      • Why Black men are Demigods
      • Funny stories that are actually true
    • Dynamic affirmations from influential Black men
    • Engaging reflective questions for the intellectual Black man and the blossoming Black woman

Columbus, OH

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