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About the Writer.

Cassandra. Nugget. Royal's Mama.


Loc'd Centaur with a Libra moon. Alpha woman with a submissive soul.


A glutton for requited love, Pandora's BJ The Chicago Kid radio station, Black men with luscious beards, anything written by Bernice L. McFadden, open curtains, golds and yellows, homemade tacos, 6am road trips, a sweaty workout session, sexy perfumes, and bomb ass eyebrows.

I write because wordplay as an art hits my passion spot and because I get a natural high when people react to my wit.


I'm here to touch you, her, him, and them.


​Flint, Michigan and my mama raised me. 


If you made it this far, subscribe to The Bare Series

Love is love, always.​​

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